In so many ways 2020 was a seismic year for sustainability and social impact. From a global pandemic, to raging wildfires, and the changing face of both work and wellbeing, the last 12 months will have a legacy that lasts far beyond Covid-19.

Here are 10 trends that came out of 2020 that all sustainability / CSR professionals need to know about.

The threat of climate change now has new urgency

First came the bushfires that devastated in Australia. Then a spate of severe storms and tropical cyclones that swept the US and Asia, followed by floods and searing heat. 2020 broke all sorts of unwelcome weather records, destroying…

I am finding that there are some hidden benefits to this nasty Coronavirus after all. Most of us at one time or another have begged and pleaded to have the opportunity to work remotely! Well this global shutdown may have granted us our wish, despite the awful circumstances.

So look on the bright side! Not only do we get to save commute time and invest it back into our personal wellbeing and relationships, but, we also get to contribute positively to seven of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with our remote working footprint! It may not be easy for those…

Whether we want to admit it or not we all have a fatal flaw — one trait that, left unchecked, can drag us to our doom, or send us into a destructive spiral. Often our flaws can masquerade as a virtue: a trusting nature, a stubborn streak or, if I apply the theory to my own life, a blunt and direct manner of speech that has kept me in league with corporate “big boys”.

I make decisions quickly… and then change my mind later. I have high expectations of myself and others to the level of perfectionism. All of this…

With eight offices across Europe, North America and South America, Quantis sets itself apart from other consultancies through its unique culture based on minimal hierarchy and infused with a dynamic and collaborative spirit. To feed this culture, the entire group comes together once a year for a week-long, off-site seminar. Quantis has been growing in staff size by 25–30 percent a year for the last four years with no intention of slowing down.

Quantis CEO Emmanuelle Aoustin shared her insights about leading an organization of 100-plus staff to pioneer a new approach to sustainability and culture, both for themselves and…

Martha Herrera Gonzalez is known as a pioneer for how she has taken a global extractives business, Cemex, to its next stage of engagement and embedding of corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles across more than 50 countries. Her message is simple: Dream. Listen. Learn. Act.

Herrera Gonzalez, who joined the building materials company 23 years ago, is director of CSR and director of the Cemex-Tec of Monterrey Center for the Development of Sustainable Communities.

Martha Herrera Gonzalez is a 23-year veteran of building materials company Cemex.

It’s her mission to develop and implement the company’s Global Responsible Business strategy and to embed it into the company’s culture. Herrera figures that since launching…

Photo by Martin Shreder on Unsplash

Every January, millions of people lay out goals and resolutions for the new year. But by February or March, they’ve almost always forgotten them. Resolutions to lose 10 pounds or call your parents more often are good ones, but I wonder if they are so easily breakable because of how rooted they are in routine. If you are unhappy with your day-to-day routine, sometimes you need to make a much bigger change to shake things up.

So this year, why not set a goal to make a change in the way you think about your day-to-day life, the way you…

If the New Year has got you thinking about overhauling your career — whether it’s a sideways move to a different sector, a push for a higher-level position at a new company, or a complete professional U-turn — you’ll be needing a strategy.

As I regularly tell my clients and the audiences at my speaking events, dream jobs don’t just land in your lap. …

If you are working on job applications over the holiday break, here are five helpful tips that will help you stay focused and be impactful.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Tip #1:

A recruiter or hiring manager is only going to look at your CV for an average of 40 seconds. Therefore, being able to identify these 15 words (5 values, 5 traits and 5 skills) and highlight them at the top of your CV/resume gives them a quick snapshot of who you are, how you define yourself and what you are offering. These words get them into your story quickly.

Hint: Sustainability leadership includes many “soft…

Walking up to a potential new contact at a conference, or cold calling someone on the phone, is often the most intimidating part of networking for jobseekers. It’s hard to make the first move and much easier to keep yourself out of a vulnerable situation. However, if you’re looking to make a career move into sustainability, corporate responsibility or the green economy, in-person networking remains the best way to convert potential opportunities into real jobs.

So, if you tend to let discomfort get in the way of ‘getting out there,’ just remember these wise words from Steve Jobs:

“If you…

Many of you are getting ramped up to attend Net Impact’s annual conference this autumn. You may also be considering launching or shifting your careers in the impact sector. We all want the job search process to be easy. We want to just be able to hop on the web, look at the job boards, find a job that looks interesting, apply to it, land the interview and, most importantly, get the job offer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Before the conference, here are 3 things for you to prepare:

Most impact job seekers want to make a difference…

Shannon Houde

Shannon is an ICF-certified executive and career coach, and founder of; propelling changemakers forward in for impact.

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